Thanks for the honor Prime Minister

Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 07:11 AM ed

By Abebe Gellaw

Dear Prime Minister Ashebir Zenawi,

First of all, I would like to thank you profusely for including me in the latest roll call of patriots and freedom fighters. I am extremely humbled for the honor. Though I have not done enough to deserve one of your highest medals of good citizenship and patriotism, I assure you that the honor will inspire me to do even more to accomplish what is expected of me more effectively and efficiently.

I must also thank you for the free global promotion you have given me and others. I am pleased to report back to you that I have received not condolences, but numerous congratulatory messages from across the world.

Prime Minister Ashebir, I should, however, suggest that the list of honorees be expanded to include more deserving patriots and the criteria be more logical. People like me have not done enough to be in this prestigious roll call of freedom fighters.

I am not complaining Prime Minister, but I would like to point out that the coveted list should not be compiled by corrupt thugs, drug addicts, drunkards and sycophants like Shimelis Kemal, Bereket Simon, Getachew Assefa, Genenew Assefa, Birhan Hailu, Tewodros Beharu and Million Assefa…, people who are held in great contempt as they have sold out their souls and conscience for a few dinars. In spite of the fact that these low-life thugs will do whatever you tell them to do, I believe that for the sake of the integrity of the honor list, these people should not be allowed to arbitrarily pick unrelated honorees while they are high on drugs, khat and alcohol. These vultures of yours have been undermining your wisdom and credibility by advising you to correct your mistakes with screaming blunders.

I am not complaining Prime Minister Ashebir because I still feel greatly privileged to be on your list of honorees. But I need to tell you that the latest list includes people who have already received the highest honor your government, i.e. TPLF, confers on any patriot. We were already told, via your Kangaroo court, that Dr. Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie and Mesfin Aman had already received martyrdom status. They were supposed to have been sent to report back to Almighty Creator. Why was it necessary to bring them back to life to award them another honor? How many times can they face your respected Kangaroo Court? It is neither fair nor logical. There are also those who were given lifetime fellowship like Fasil Yenealem, Ephrem Madebo and Andualem Andargie. I think fresh undergraduate honorees like me should not have been placed in a class of highly experienced senior honorees without being given an orientation.

Another thing that I need to point out is that the list of deeds appeared to be copied from the previous honor sheets. Terrorism, espionage, treason, conspiracy and the other deeds listed publicly appeared to be on one menu directly copied from another one. How could your fertile imagination fail you and recycle the same thing again and again? I am not complaining but you guys appear to be suffering from brain freeze.

I have to be honest with you Prime Minister Ashebir that of all the things you listed down in the file, I am not amused with your effort to link me and other Ethiopians with Shabia, your former mentor. How can you be so ungrateful to the people that trained and armed you to fight against Ethiopia and its people? By the way, you are more related to Eritrea than anyone of the people you put in the honor list. Isn’t Eritrea the land you claim to have freed from Ethiopian colonialism and made it a land of abundant liberty and freedom? Isn’t it your mother’s country? It is absurd to relate anyone in the streets to your motherland that you should keep to yourself. I, for one, seek neither assistance nor citizenship from your Eritrean cousins.

Let me also tell you that I am not a member of any political parties. If I decide to join a political group, rest assured that I will apply to become a member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front because unlike the puppets it is the only organized political group in Ethiopia that has real power, fortune and leverage. But as you know, I don’t qualify to be a member of the TPLF because I do not pass the genetic test. That means I will never be a member of any political group until the ethnic apartheid you have been building is dismantled for good.

I am not complaining, but during the 2005 election turmoil, your roll call of honorees was ridiculed globally. You might have forgotten but those, who were in the honor list for “treason” and “genocide”, were five VOA broadcasters, aged university professors including Prof. Getachew Haile, journalists, activists and lawyers. Many of them are still in exile but whatever they say and write seems to haunt you and give you constant nightmares. We must feel sorry for you because your paranoia has reached an unprecedented level.

Prime Minister Ashebir Zenawi! William Gaddis once said: “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.” I do not understand how a man of your caliber is so predictable all the time that you repeat the same mistake time and again. You have been toiling hard to make yourself an object of ridicule. You may remember that famous character called Mamo Kilo.

Because of his unforgettable acts, there is no character as enduring as Mamo Kilo, a dim-witted country boy. His endless creativity, quick thinking and most of all absurdities, have made him widely popular. Mamo Kilo gets everything wrong and never learns from his mistakes. In fact, his way of correcting mistakes is making more absurd blunders that make him a laughingstock.

By all account, there is only one man that has been overtaking Mamo Kilo’s place as a master of absurdities. Despite your best efforts to appear smart, erudite and serious, not to mention mingling with famous leaders, your ridiculous actions have made you the uncontested king of absurdity in Ethiopia. Your place is history is not just for being an evil dictator, From your courts to parliament, from your cabinet to electoral board, your endless absurdities have ensured your infamy not only locally but across the globe.

Mr. Prime Minister, as you have honored so many patriots, Ethiopians will permanently honor you in their history as a terrible dictator in par with Mussolini and the adult version of Mamo Kilo.

Mr. Prime Misery, you are a shame to humanity, a shame to Ethiopia and more specifically to the people of Tigray. Your fictitious charge sheets don’t scare anyone except having the usual effect of degrading yourself, your “parliament”, kangaroo courts and the very concept of law and order…. Your moronic injustice and outrageous lies will only bring your downfall ever closer… Your downfall will inevitably be as resounding as Gaddafi’s. This must be terrorizing and terrifying to you and Azeb.

Shame on you Mr.Prime Terrorist Ashebir Zenawi! Please don’t forget to add my words to the charge sheet because I am telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth…. Keep on lying in the name of justice. Your fate is quite predictable.

Free all the innocent men and women you have taken hostage.

Victory to Ethiopia!

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