Honoring a Hero!

EYNM Press Release | November 21, 2011  

Yenesaw Gebre
Activist Yenesaw Gebre

The 29 years old Yenesew Gebre is a hero and an exemplary martyr for peaceful struggle in Ethiopia. Yenesew was an English teacher at both the Waka High School and Waka Vocational and Technical College until he was fired from his job by the Woyane (TPLF) regime two years ago. For years officials of the Tercha Woreda, Dawro Zone in southwestern Ethiopia, have been violating the rights of the residents of Waka town. Waka was reduced from a Woreda (district) capital to a non-entity town, many development activities in the town were curtailed by the regime’s officials without any tangible reasons, and residents have been harassed frequently by the regime’s thugs. Yenesew, being an activist for the opposition groups in the town, was a regular victim of the regime. Two years ago he was summarily fired from his teaching job because of his political opposition to the Woyane regime. In recent days he was actively campaigning against the injustices of the regime at public meetings. On Friday November 11, 2011, the day he set fire on himself, this was what he publicly said to the people of Waka town:“I want to show to all that death is preferable than a life without justice and liberty and I call upon my fellow compatriots to fear nothing and rise up to wrench their freedom and rights from the hands of the local and national tyrants.”

During the past 20 years the people of Ethiopia have lived a life of an Earthly Hell. The Woyane regime has done everything possible against the interests of Ethiopia and its citizens. The crimes of the regime are too long to list down: Denying Ethiopia the right to access to the sea, restricting civil and political liberties, summary detentions and extrajudicial executions, denying and firing citizens from their jobs, destroying the livelihoods of millions of Ethiopians, etcetera. Ethiopia as a nation and Ethiopians as a people have never witnessed such a calamity in their long history. If rated with respect to the survival of Ethiopians as a people and Ethiopia as a nation, the Woyane era is marked by all negative attributes. Unless citizens of Ethiopia rise up in unison against Woyane this ordeal will never end, but transgress into a higher level of humiliation.

Against this ‘Wall of Jericho’ a selfless young Ethiopian, Yenesew Gebre, confronted the regime’s thugs and sacrificed his life in martyrdom. Such was the heroic action of Yenesew Gebre that it can galvanize the Ethiopian youth for a peaceful political resistance. Knowing the very cruel nature of the regime’s authorities, Yenesew did not resort to violence against the very people who committed unbearable atrocities on himself and his compatriots. If he had done so the regime’s thugs would have annihilated the whole extended family of Yenesew. Rather he set himself on fire in front of the very people who are directly responsible for his misery and the suffering of the people of Waka town. The tragic end of this bright and brave young man should give us a lesson since his actions were to ignite a people’s revolution across Ethiopia.

Yenesew Gebre will be remembered forever as the best teacher that Ethiopia could ever have. At a time when we needed him the most, he taught the nation the lesson of fighting for freedom and resistance to tyranny. It is a lesson that should be ingrained in our minds for centuries to come.

The EYNM honors Yenesew Gebre as an exemplary Ethiopian hero of the highest level of peaceful resistance. Our condolences go to his family, friends and the people of Waka town. We call upon the people of Ethiopia, especially the Ethiopian youth, to immortalize Yenesew Gebre with their consorted struggle to topple the Woyane regime. As the Ethiopian Youth National Movement, we must ensure that his sacrifice and the pain of those who loved him will not be a waste. Yenesew Gebre will be honored accordingly at our large and historic meeting which is scheduled to take place on November 27th, in Washington DC. Facebook DC Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/132363143533800/

May the Almighty God rest his soul in peace!

Ethiopian Youth National Movement
We are the People! We are the Future!

Website: http://www.eynm.org/
Email: ethiorevolution@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EthioRevolution2011

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