An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

February 22, 2012



Meles Zenawi Prime Minister The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

Dear Prime Minister Meles:

Allah willing, we and your family are well.

I am notation this notation to we with a difficult heart and a good bargain of pleasantness with a donation reeling Ethiopian Muslims now find themselves in. Of course, we am referring to what has come to famous as a Ahbash Controversy. Interestingly enough, this is not a initial time we have combined to we about a matter that was for me a matter of good concern. More specifically, we wrote and faxed a notation to we in May of 1996. we never viewed an answer from you; maybe a notation never got to your desk. Just as we am now involved about a tide difficulty of a Muslims, so that 1996 notation uttered pleasantness with a Muslims’ plight. Here is a full calm of that letter:


Muhammad Al-Hashimi Post Office Box 1115 Washington, DC, 20013 Phone/Fax: 301 324 9163 Meles Zenawi President The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

Mr. President:

I write this notation with a difficult heart. we am notation to we concerning my Muslim brothers and sisters who have remained jailed in Karchelle Prison given 21 Feb 1995.

As we know, a Muslim competition of Ethiopia has been awfully oppressed by any regime that has been in appetite given Emperor Tewodros, covering a generation of some-more than 150 years. And now, Mr. President, we have come to power. From any pointer and commitment opening out of Ethiopia, it seems that we have any idea of surpassing this execrable tradition. The justification of my avowal is clearly manifested in a continued astray holds of my people.

I contend “my people” not customarily in a monk clarity nonetheless also in a ancestral sense: nonetheless we am an African-American, we dash my roots to a Warra Sheik of Yejju and a Warra Himano of Welo. So, we see, my pleasantness for a benefit of those jailed is compounded. Now, we can’t tell we what to do or how to behave, for we are as many an adult as we am. All we can do is to give we some unquestionably infamous recommendation and titillate to Allah that we journey it smoothly and act on a best of it. There are twin grant that are over dispute. First of all, you, Meles, have a power, potential, and eventuality to be accessible as one of a good organisation in African history. Secondly, a donation Muslim rabble of Ethiopia is not customarily on an incorrigible route of firmness to settle and use a Islamic proceed of life in today’s world. However, your route to mass and a Muslims’ route of reawakening and firmness are now on a collision course.

I call on we to reevaluate your donation opinion and routine toward a Ethiopian Muslims. we also warn we in listening to American and Israeli advisors: they are, in fact, your set-back enemies, if we nonetheless customarily knew. You should follow your heart, Meles, and settle what we know is best for a people, all of a people, over that we now have some appetite and authority. What we did during a Anwar Mosque on 21 Feb 1995 is not in your best interests; what we continue to do conflicting a Muslims by holding them unjustly in Karchelle is not in your best interests. Deep in your heart, we know that. Do not wait until it is too late, Meles.

You should know that we am a author and economist. we am now shaping a edition for proclamation we have provisionally entitled “Christianity, Islam, and Socio-Economic Development in Ethiopia.” In this manuscript, we intend to present, Allah willing, a germane digest for socio-economic expansion by initial arrangement what some competence journey definitely radical: that both The Bible and The Qur’an are in finish settle on a elementary pillars of trading expansion and that both The Bible and The Qur’an are diametrically conflicting to businessman accumulation and formation. we will try to expose by this proclamation that all Ethiopians can work together to build Ethiopia in a togetherness that will pierce Christians and Muslims together according to a unquestionably monk texts they reason so dear. However, your donation intransigent position conflicting a Muslims competence report my bid and a well-intentioned efforts of others totally worthless. Think deeply about what we have combined in this letter. The spin is in your court!


Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi 3 May 1996 15 Zul-Hijja 1216

I never viewed an answer from you, Ato Meles. So, we do not know if we viewed my faxed letter, and even if we did, possibly we quiescent customarily to foot it after reading it. Although my component pleasantness was for a difficulty of a Muslims, we was confusing to promulgate to we that, from my perspective, we had arrived on a domestic entertainment during a infamous time in Ethiopian history: Ethiopia was giveaway from a murky Ethiopian dominion of Haile Selassie and we had lead a proceed to a repress a insubordinate regime of Haile Mengistu Mariam. The customarily thing left, and we am certain we were good attentive of it, was to settle domestic and gentle institutions needing for a convenience and receptive expansion of a people. That is given we wrote to we mindful that we had a “opportunity to be accessible as one of a good organisation in African history.” And we went on to give we what we guess was good advice: keep American and Israeli advisors during arms length and work for a people of Ethiopia with a straightforward heart to titillate their lot. we was your good wisher from a unquestionably beginning, Ato Meles. And we tarry a good wisher.

The initial thing we was proposal with was a proceed we intentionally altered contemptuous and dynamic a emperor element of organisation in Ethiopia. This element finished clarity in light of a conflicting nations and secular groups who had enlarged been politically disenfranchised. Then, a new Ethiopian structure was another critical spectacle needing a Ethiopian people to feel an even incomparable clarity of freedom. And when these gains were threatened by a pro-monarchist CUD—the ostensible Coalition for Unity and Democracy—you were means to successfully relieve their activity, an activity that clearly wanted to take a republic backwards. And we will customarily tell we right now, Ato Meles, a Muslims were unquestionably happy with you. They unquestionably felt that we were unquestionably involved about a convenience and customarily diagnosis of all Ethiopians, Muslims and Christians.

And we have seen by my possess eyes, Ato Meles, a good things we have finished in a area of trading development. we remember 7 years ago being in Gurjee, customarily external Ring Road. we was opening out from a café after carrying coffee. It was late afternoon. As we left a restaurant, we was roughly knocked down by a mob of construction workers stealing off of work. Ironically, roughly being knocked down was a good feeling, given it was a pure pointer of Ethiopia relocating forward. And a Ethiopian economy continues to grow underneath your leadership, even now, when many of a western star is experiencing a critical trading behind down due to a tellurian debt crisis. It is constant that a lot some-more needs to be finished with a redistribution of ancient income in a form of entitlements and gentle benefit programs for a poor. But there is justification that we are user to do something about it.

The brief foregoing outline of your domestic power tells me that we have achieved many of what we need to grasp to spin one of those good organisation of African story we mentioned in my 1996 notation to you. In a new notation published online during a First Hijrah Foundation website blue-blooded “The Ethiopian Muslims and Ahbash Controversy,” we wrote a following about you:

When one stands behind and takes a monumental outlook of Ethiopian domestic story over a past 200 years, we will not find any domestic entity underneath that some-more has been achieved than underneath a regime of Ato Meles Zenawi. So, given would Meles risk a certain attributes of his tenure—particularly with pleasantness to a alleviation in a ancient economy and a augmenting inclusion of a Muslim rabble in ancient activity—to enter into this tide portion of terrible negativity?

And that stays a question, Ato Meles. Why are we fortitude to be endangered in “this tide portion of terrible negativity” that is a Ahbash debacle? Why are we fortitude to retort a Muslims with disenfranchisement of their convenience and monk rights as so eloquently discernible in a Ethiopian constitution, a ask grown underneath your domestic watch? Why are confusing to so wholly to contaminate your sequential legacy?

Ato Meles, this competence be a 11th hour for you. Nevertheless, we still tarry your good wisher. we still tarry one who has endless honour for your pointy talent in a area of domestic economy and your certain accomplishments with pleasantness to a alleviation of Ethiopian life. But even nonetheless it competence be your 11th hour, we still have time to lift behind from a dilemma of a abyss.

I respectfully ask that you, Prime Minister Meles, send a Ahbash felicitous behind to Lebanon and let a Ethiopian Muslims get on with their lives giveaway from assign and repression. Allah willing, we will do a right thing. The spin is in your court!


Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi, PhD Washington, DC, USA 15 Feb 2012 23 Rabi ul-Awal 1433

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  1. Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi, PhD

    The “Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi” as published on the website, Ethio Andinet, was not written by Muhammad Ali Alula Al-Hashimi. It has, for some reason, been deliberately distorted on this website. However, several other websites have published correctly as Dr. Al-Hashimi originally wrote it.

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