Dire need for Amhara-Oromo et al joined movement By Robele Ababya

April 9, 2012
It is created in a Holy Bible in Ecclesiastic 3: 1 that: “There is a time for all and a deteriorate for each activity underneath a heavens”

How prolonged ago was is it given us Ethiopians conspicuous ENOUGH! of TPLF regime’s mixed cruelties amounting to those of a cruel intruder Mussolini? When is a heated loathing for a Amharas, disregard for a Oromos and other racial groups going to end? When is trade in a name of a intrepid people of Tigray going to end? Why has a Zenawi regime adopted Mussolini’s devise of sum confinement of a Amharas and a Oromos in particular?

Zenawi has nonetheless again set in suit his grand pattern for incurably violation a behind of a Amharas and Oromos in tandem and ensue with bringing a rest of a racial groups to finish acquiescence to a misrule of a regime.

The vengeful Italian Fascist, after forty years of worldly preparation, invaded Ethiopia with distant higher complicated troops weapons and rarely lerned army that was no compare in numbers to a ill-trained, feeble versed and bare-footed farmer company though dynamic to die for their dignity, creed, family values, their land and property, and autonomy of their motherland. It was during this fight that a Italian Fascist invaders forsaken leaflets from a atmosphere drifting over villages in Tigray condemning a Amharas and Oromos and particularly warning a villagers not to concur with their company in any approach or face serious punishment.

In a circumstances, time has come for a Amharas and Oromos to set their comparatively sparse adversary for energy aside and mix in sequence to avert a grave simmering awaiting of vital in labour – ironically in a nation for that their ancestors had so bravely fought and envy rhythmical a autonomy as vividly demonstrated in a Battle of Adwa that noted a chagrin of Italy, drew honour of a astounded European powers, and became a guide of wish for all black people vital in subjugation in a Diaspora. Is it not time some-more than any other time to arise adult to a risk of extinction?

Hypocrisy y of some Western powers:

In my minute of 19-Feb-09 to Secretary Clinton we wrote: “In a new debate rare for a prolonged time it took and a income spent, we was ripped between a wish to see a initial lady or a initial African American in a White House. It is now story that Barack Obama won and other contenders bent out gracefully environment a fantastic instance to a general village that we trust reason we with high venerate for your energetic debate for Candidate Obama to win a Presidency.”

And demeanour during a above sketch for what we got in lapse to my remark, that on hindsight was a hyperbole. There is no mistaking a cognisance between a duos. But what was a comfortable handshaking and lucent grin about? My theory is that puppet Zenawi is observant aloud Bingo! Mission accomplished! Readers might make their possess guesses. President George W. Bush reneged on his guarantee not to mix with dictators. Secretary Clinton with her grin and comfortable handshake extended to genocidal oppressor is vindicating that reneging on promises was right; unfortunate dictators do things including woe and delivery legally barred in a United States.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stood, side by side with oppressor Zenawi, on a sacred belligerent of Meneliks’s City to forgo a Human Rights Bill HR2003 unanimously authorized by a prominent House of Representatives of a United States Congress. She contradicted African- Americans and a Black Caucus in a House who upheld a Bill from a pregnancy to a approval. The smiling Secretary Rice acted for a sketch with a oppressor station on her side. Her disapproval of HR2003 in Addis Ababa – lacked statesmanship and culture and unprotected her insensitivity to a agony, grief and groan of mothers of a martyrs of Jun and Nov 2005 in a issue of a ancestral choosing decisively won by a antithesis and ruthlessly stolen by a statute celebration of a tyrannical ruler.

Ambassadors Aurelia Brazil and Vicki Huddleston complained about what they called ‘vitriolic’ conflict on Zenawi by antithesis bloggers, though overlooked a execution of pacific protesters by trigger happy confidence army underneath his approach authority of Zenawi. Susan Rice showed her support for a oppressor by a insinuate sketch with him. Jundiai Frazer kept wordless all along – maybe mesmerised by Zenawi’s divide-and- sequence atrocities like a other comparison diplomats in a State Department. Regarding British policy, we quote a following dual paragraphs from my essay created per a militant occurrence in London in 2005:

“I unequivocally and strongly weep a unfinished bombing of London ride complement on a 21st of Jul 2005, following a initial harmful conflict (on 07 Jul 2005) on a complement that sadly claimed 56 lives and caused injuries to hundreds of trusting people. It is implicitly right that both militant attacks drew a carol of defamation from a general community.”

“The position taken by a British supervision over a sharpened of a Brazilian is in pointy contrariety to a red runner diagnosis during a G8 Summit accorded to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who has systematic a execution of 40 trusting civilians in cold blood, thrown thousands into jail underneath oppressive conditions, and done many to humour mental and earthy tortures. Meles a butcher, has conjunction apologized to a families of a bereaved and a Ethiopian people nor instituted his betrothed ‘investigation’ into a iniquitous crime attributed to state-sponsored assault orchestrated by a really few innermost class of Stalinists in his TPLF regime. we do not know either Prime Minister Tony Blair has even secretly regretted for mouth-watering a oppressor Meles to a G8 Summit where a torpedo basked in a intemperate functions of absolute universe leaders exchanging smiles and champagne toasts even as atrocities in Ethiopia were holding their tolls. we doubt either a British Prime Minister would assistance finish restraint in Ethiopia.” PM Tony Blair’s successors pursue a process of their prototype on Ethiopia!

AU’s Impotence versus. Ethiopian Election 2005

On that ancestral day of 07 May 2005 a truly huge throng estimated during 2.5 – 3 million flooded a streets and squares of Addis Ababa to support a now gone Kinijit Party (Coalition for Unity and Democracy). That sea of amiability was acclaimed internationally for a pretentious arrangement of culture and civility; it finished peacefully but a singular occurrence of violence.

The rare large support for Kinijit was followed by an rare spin out of large electorate for a choosing of 15 May 2005 in that a statute celebration suffered a convincing better unwell to win a singular opinion in Addis Ababa where a AU Headquarters is located. Tyrant Meles unconstitutionally announced a state of puncture and quickly implemented his devise B: murdering tighten to 200 pacific protesters by lerned snipers; throwing a loyal victors to a barbarous Kaliti dirty prison; incarcerating tens of thousands of antithesis supports, mostly immature where their heads were shaven with unsterilized blades but courtesy to widespread STDs of that time; votes were stolen and his celebration announced feat major a even a hand-picked electoral elect announced a results.

The African Union shamefully conspicuous a choosing giveaway and satisfactory and famous a TPLF celebration as a winner. What is even some-more intolerable is that one of a comparison diplomats of a AU hailing from Rwanda overstepped tactful norms and blamed a antithesis in open for a renouned disturbance in a issue of a choosing noted by hideous atrocities. It is a contrition that this Rwandan forgot so soon, in a comfort of oppulance that dollar-paid diplomats suffer in Addis Ababa, a tighten to one million victims of genocide in his country.

It is time, some-more than any other time, for a Amharas and Oromos in particular, for their possess consequence in self-defense, to mix their strenuous numbers to deter a lethal hazard acted opposite them; and to save a precious birthright bequeathed by their ancestors in model collaboration.

Let us contend NO to racial cleansing; let us be unapproachable that Ethiopia was a initial nation to rise systems of law by that to be governed; let us trust in ourselves as equals regardless of a sequential sequence of settling of a ancestors in Ethiopia; let us trust in a irrevocable bond crowned by inter-marriage and mixed common values. It is a avocation to safety a sanctification of a places of ceremony in churches, mosques synagogues in Ethiopia! So assistance us a Almighty God of a Universe!

LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA!! Release all domestic prisoners in Ethiopia including robele_ababya@yahoo.com

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