“World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia.” By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

May 9, 2012
 Sometimes we see headlines that entertain we and make we consternation if some people are genuine delusional or blinded with their audacity and can’t see themselves in a approach that a rest of a universe see them. When we saw a title that pronounced “World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia” followed by a debate from Shimles Kemal, we could not stop being amused and consternation what goes to a mind of this male when he is fibbing on a universe stage. His treacherous statement, reminded me a homosexual clergyman who vehemently opposite a same sex matrimony stealing his loyal color. The clergyman whose anti happy debate hurt his partner was finally unprotected by his happy partner to what he unequivocally is- an conceited hypocrite. Though a pomposity of a regime in Ethiopia is manifest for a whole world, to bury a loyal color, a regime that is series one in a universe in exiling journalists, attempted to put a colorful masquerade as a champion of “Press freedom”, by “celebrating press leisure day”. This is as unhappy as a happy clergyman who attempted to bury his homosexuality.

May be a supporters of a EPRDF might take honour since a EPRDF is NUMBER 1 in a universe in exiling journalists. This might be a badge of respect to a EPRDF and a surrogates who distinguished World Press leisure Day while they have filled their prisons with reporters and tellurian rights activists.

As a French author and Nobel Prize leader Andre Gide put it, a regime in Ethiopia might trust that a rest of a universe will accept a dishonesty if it continue to distortion “with sincerity”. For those of us who got used to a treacherous impression of a regime in Ethiopia, there is no warn to hear people like Shimles Kemal speak about Freedom of a Press while assaulting, detaining and torturing journalists. Although in a news that CPJ expelled to Mark a World Press Freedom Day, a regime in Ethiopia has transient from a tip 10 list of offenders of regimes that bury a press heavily, a CPJ and other Press Freedom advocates have done it transparent that Meles uses a “anti-terrorism legislation” that a rubber stamp council enacted in 2009 to criminalize any stating that a regime deems auspicious to antithesis movements. As a new news indicates, even stating about a route of Eskinder Nega has spin “a crime”. This is a regime that celebrates “Press Freedom.”

Since leisure of a press and countenance is not stable in Ethiopia, reporters have a severe pursuit of exposing corruption, energy abuse, and a undemocratic domestic sermon in a country. Therefore, those in energy have a leisure to violate a tellurian rights of a typical citizens, and order with iron fist though being accountable to their action. It has been pronounced regularly that tyrants fear a energy of a coop some-more than they fear a energy of a sword. The categorical design of giveaway press is to make a supervision accountable to a action. In a deficiency of Free Press, those in energy have no one to plea them when they control themselves over and above a law. The essay of publisher like Eskinder Nega has proven this time and again. Eskinder challenged a regime, when it detained tellurian rights activists, domestic opponents, and reporters with trump adult charges. Eskinder and his colleagues committed no crime other than revelation a law about a tellurian rights violations and a muzzling of a press in Ethiopia. Is since Eskinder was means to send a startle call in a regimes spine by simply essay a law about a loyal inlet of a EPRDF and a surrogates, he became their target. Because Eskinder’s and other reporters stating have a surpassing outcome in exposing a undemocratic inlet of a regime, they are grieving in jail with done adult charges and, they are categorized as enemies series one by a statute elites. History teaches us that tyrants have such an huge negligence to a giveaway press since they know that a press always shades light in a dark that they move into their republic and display their loyal immorality deeds to a rest of a world.

Today, we have an huge predicament in a hand. These crises didn’t occur over night. It has been hot underneath neat of a regime. By putting information trance in a country, Meles and his stooges believed that they could control a information outflow; they unsuccessful to comprehend imprisoning reporters and tellurian right activists will not deter others from stating a law regulating whatever collection that they have accessible during their disposal. Although a supervision attempted all probable to emanate a meridian of fear in a country, it did not take enlarged for a images of a Amhara farmers to uncover adult in a vital bedrooms when they were uprooted unjustly from their homes. We are witnessing a annoy and a disappointment of a Muslim brothers and sisters in a streets of Addis Ababa and other cities as it happens. The reports clearly uncover that a Muslim brothers and sisters are commencement to see a loyal immorality of a regime that promises one thing and does something else. Meles and his stooges undermined a firmness of a people and they have been pulling their thumbs into a eyes for a final 21 years. They suspicion by silencing a reporters and tellurian right activists, they could stop a unstoppable.

The regime has unsuccessful to learn from a possess history. Our rulers were called invalid bandits during one theatre of their struggle; now they are job those of us who are advocating for tellurian and polite rights of a people invalid anarchists (Newtenga). They haven’t schooled that misapplication will never prevail; they haven’t schooled that when people have adequate of a deception, lies, arrogance, and beast force, they will revolt. By muzzling a press, a regime might have enlarged a reason on power; though story teaches us that a oppressed will always find a approach to mangle a shackles of restraint and giveaway themselves. If a regime doesn’t change a domestic sermon soon, we am certain that a glow that a regime started to bake a people will spin opposite it.

As Serkalem Fasil put it “To emanate a republic that we want, someone has to sacrifice.” So far, an huge cost has been paid to acquit a people from a shackles of this beast regime. Let us unite, let us not concede Meles and his stooges use religion, ethnicity, or other differences that we have to order us. Let us mount with a Amhara adults who are unjustly private from their home; let us mount with a Muslim brothers and sisters who are fighting for leisure of their religion; let us support those whose homes and businesses are demolished by a regime who have shown an huge negligence to a pang of a people; let us mount with a reporters and tellurian rights activists who are grieving in abominable prison; let us not concede this regime to continue to ridicule us and to continue to pull a ride into a eyes. Support a boycott, run for sanction; inspire a revolution, and do what we can for a regime change in Ethiopia. Say adequate for 21 years continual attack on a lives, integrity, honor, history, and grace of a people and nation. Enough is Enough!

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