The original Ethiopian flag arrived in Johannesburg: Excitement and jubilation…

The Horn Times News, 17 January 2013 by Getahune Bekele, Pretoria-South Africa“Sendekalamachin!”


Ethiopian flag arived in South Africa

Excitement and jubilation as Ethiopian refugees received delivery of the original national flag.


Shock, anxiety and bewilderment griped TPLF officials at the Ethiopian embassy in Pretoria as refugees totally rejected the satanic flag of the minority junta; a symbol of the brutal internal colonization of Ethiopia.

On Thursday morning the original Ethiopian flag arrived in Johannesburg directly from China, ahead of the black lions opening match against the copper bullets of Zambia in Nelspruit, much to the delight of thousands of patriotic fans. It was immediately distributed, all thanks to the sterling work of the Ethiopian community association in South Africa and the anti TPLF organization known as Bête-Ethiopia.

It will be proudly displayed on Monday at Mbonbela stadium.

“We have a big surprise for the enemy of our flag, our history and our tradition- the ruling junta. We are going to shame the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi who once called our flag ‘a piece of garment.’ In bringing this flag here, great gallantry has been displayed by great individuals here in South Africa. Long live the Ethiopian community association! Long live Bête- Ethiopia!” an elated refugee told the Horn Times.

With some of the flag stretching for up to 10m, it is now all systems go. The Horn Times also watched some Ethiopians publicly dumping the TPLF flag they received earlier from embassy officials.

Meanwhile, despite the minority junta’s attempt to sabotage the national team’s arrival, we are all at Oliver Tambo international airport in Johannesburg to welcome the black lions of Ethiopia.

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