Saudi Arabia torturing refuges, what a shame!

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, left, welcomes President Barack Obamaby Dejenie A. Lakew

Inter- governmental, economic and cultural relations are meant – to create awareness , strengthen social relations and benefit common citizens.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians, the Islamic world and its people – It is documented in their holy scriptures that Muslims should love and respect Ethiopians and Ethiopia, as it is the country who saved their religion by giving refugee to followers of Mohammed when persecuted by their nemesis and threatened to abolish their religion Islam.

The huge investments the Saudi Arabians and other Islamic countries make in Ethiopia by full permission and collaboration of the Ethiopian government ( and its people – in principle ) across the lands of Ethiopia, and the financial benefits they gain have to bee seen from the perspective and point of view of a collateral benefits of economics from both sides and to nurture and cultivate cultural and social bonds among the common people of these countries. These connections have to create a bond of cultural likeness and affinity between Ethiopia, its people and the Arab countries and their societies. If that does not bear fruit then the relation will just be a bond of vultures who simply hunt for their meals, but not caring about the community that they are and benefited from.

But contrary to virtues of good neighborliness, affirmative inter-governmental relations that are shown and principles of peaceful co-existence and from the perspective of Islam and of course of Christianity – as they both are claimed to be religions of peace and love, the world constantly witnessed an imaginable and hard to fathom and to believe treatment of people of the horn of Africa, particularly from Ethiopia ( including Eritrea ) by people of Arabic countries. We witnessed, such in humane acts of savagery, cruelty and barbarity to the highest order from across the Sinai desert, the plains of Egypt, shores of red sea and urban towns and homes of Arabic countries. I question whether these people indeed worship any type of God. We have heard and witnessed time and again, that people are butchered and their organs are harvested ( a very degrading and dreadful term of a misfit : harvest to a human body parts, although it’s meaning is to collect the fruit of labor ) for sale in these places.

The Ethiopian government ( including Eritrea) should proactively be engaged with these governments so that their people should and must treat Ethiopians ( including Eritrea) humanely, the way Ethiopians received and threat the followers of Mohammed with honor and dignity – virtuous acts of humanity and civility. The inter-governmental relations after all is to benefit and up lift the lives of their common and ordinary citizens, not to drink whisky and cocktail with ministers in Hilton or in Dubai intercontinental.

The United nations and other global and continental organizations such as the European union and African union should look in to these matters and put pressure on these countries and their society so that acts of humanity and reasons of purpose reign, and artificial boundaries of countries should remain imaginary, invisible and porous to those who seek refugee from persecution.

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