Over 400 names of traders, officials, whose accounts were frozen, made public

ESAT News June 14, 2013

The Ethiopian Federal High Court on a letter written on May 21, 2013, number 134048, has ordered that the bank accounts, monies and cars of 429 government officials, businesspeople  and their family members be frozen and impounded…

The 429 people include suspects of corruption who are currently imprisoned and their family members. One of the frozen accounts is of investor Nega Gebregziabher and his families, Ephrem Nega Gebregziabher, Henok Nega Gebregziabher, Yetbarek Nega Gebregziabher, Selam Nega Gebregziabher, and Rahel Nega Gebregziabher. The bank accounts of Markneh Alemayehu, Chief Prosecutor of the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), and his family members such as Yonatan Markneh Alemayehu, Elshadaye Markneh Alemayehu, Balgeti Alemayehu Wedano, Bafne Alemayehu Wedabo, Ayele Alemayehu Wedabo, Berhanu Alemayehu Wedabo, Abera Alemayehu Wedabo and Tigrest Alemayehu Wedabo, have also been frozen.

Similarly, the bank account of Siye Abraha, the incumbent’s former military chief and now an opposition, and the accounts of his brothers and sisters; Heluf Abraha Hagos, Asmelash Abraha Hagos, Asefa Abraha Hagos, Woldeselasie Abraha Hagos and Temnit Abraha Hagos, have all been frozen.


The list of the names of the 429 people, whose accounts have been frozen, can be viewed here http://goo.gl/ObypL


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