No doubt the struggle for having a system that is fair and free to all citizens will prevail sooner, not later!!

253152_246996372104704_556922296_n Raswork Mengesha Membership


Keep going patriotic Ethiopians with your peaceful, constitutional/lawful, legitimate, rightful, and above all with the struggle to save a beloved homeland! Yes, history in general and our political history in particular is not short of evidences… that illegitimate and dictatorial regimes make their deadly swords much more sharper whenever they are challenged by the people who get much more determined to reaffirm their freedom and fundamental human rights . Yes, we are witnessing that those bunch of frustrated ruling elites are behaving and acting just like mad dogs at this time of defining moment. The Brave sons and daughters of beloved country; as you broke the fear and silence that was imposed by those members of the ruling circle who have no any other positive power but the killing machine.  We UDJ support organization in Sweden sincerely believe and support the struggle and assure you  that we will together break the political culture of ruling with a banner of the gun.


Udj Support organization in Sweden.


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