Demonstration tomorrow(Sunday) on the 29th of September 2013 in Addis Ababa

BY Raswork Mengesha sweden stockholm    Dear friends!!

“The millions voice for freedom task force” prepared to Demonstrate tomorrow(Sunday) on the 29th of September 2013  in Addis Ababa….  This rally initially requested by UDJ nd 33 parties joint committee. As you know, UDJ is actively engaged in peacefully rallying with the support of the Ethiopian people for democracy respect, for human rights and the rule of law by organizing demonstrations and town hall meeting not only in Addis Ababa; but almost in all regional cities. 

Andinet (UDJ) Party stands for a peaceful struggle.UDJ believes that the cause of the nation and its people is greater than the interest of any particular politi cal party, including IT Self.  Hence, UDJ is committed to ushering a new era of Ethiopian politics which will only be associated with life but not death, with development not destruction, with unity not fragmentation, with pride not shame, with the rule of law not tyranny and above all with civil political discourse to find common ground to solve shared national problems.

Therefore, we ask all peace loving Ethiopians living in Sweden to show your solidarity and co operation.

Please read the attached updated letter written by Dr. Negasso Gidda chairman of UD.

N:B A press Conference will take place at the UDJ office at Kebena Medhanealem today at 10 a.m.
UDJ Support organization in Sweden

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