Issa Abdusemed

is founnder and administrarter of Ethioandenet site. Inorder to create awearness to the general public in Ethiopian politics, I have found this channel most convinent.Therfore,the materials I provided(under my name) including the blogs I wrote are solely provided by me, Furthermore, the news posted and shared here on this site reflects  the situations where  and when they were made and they are  written on AS IT IS basis.

You can reach me through my contact addresse

Issa Abdusemed


Telephone. 0047 455  643 98

Hedmark, Norway.



is  the influential editor-in-chief of ETHIO ANDINET WEBSITE  and for she is well  KNOWN FOR HER  critical and economical and political views and comments.2015-04-23 00.24.14

  1. Thank you for your firm stand on fascist woyane/Meles. Ethiopians are really suffering and it is time for true Ethiopians to feel the suffering of their people. I hope the power mongers, stop and think and concentrate on fighting woyane instead of fighting another woyane.

    I wish Professor Alemayehu form a team of lawyers and try to bring the criminals to Justice and at the same time work on a new constitution that will replace woyane constitution which serves the interest of all Ethiopians. Meles should be the last tyrant in Ethiopian history, we have suffered more than enough.

    Thank you

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