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ፍትህ የናፈቀው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ

በአሳለፍነው አርብ ጁምአ ፍትህ ለሙስሊም ፣ፍትህ ለኮሚቴዎች ፍትህ ለኢስላም በማለት በከፍተኛ ደረጃ ድምጹን ማሰማት የጀመረው ገና ከረፋዱ ነበር … Read the rest of this entry

Creating a United Democratic Ethiopia after Zenawi’s regime -but how, with its diverse ethnic groups?

 on May 27, 2012

By Magn Nyang (PhD)

In the first part of this paper, I will present my analysis of forced unity and its consequences. I will argue that unifying ethnic groups by decree has resulted in institutions that are not suited to achieving cooperative agreements among the various groups. Instead, ethnic groups in Ethiopia lived and continue to live in what I would like to call Prisoner’s Dilemma Situations.
All previous institutional arrangements in Ethiopia have been disappointing. All indicators show
that such institutional arrangements are not suited to harmonize the interests of heterogeneous groups. Thus, in the second part of this paper, I will discuss how to harmonize conflicting interests of various
ethnic groups to create a truly united democratic Ethiopia after the departure of Meles Zenawi’s regime.

Unity by force and its consequences

Many tribal communities existed independently before Menilek II left his kingdom in Northern Shewa to conquer them. These communities frequently consisted of thousands of members or even millions and possessed well-developed cultures and languages and clear tribal consciousness. In the process, without due regard to ethnicity, culture, or even the existing institutions of government, different ethnic groups were united under the kingdom of Menilek II. The various groups did not participate in deciding which other groups to unite with nor did they have an opportunity to agree on the nature of their relationship with these other groups. Read the rest of this entry

Green Justice or Ethnic Injustice?

April 23, 2012
Alemayehu g mariam:

Blaming the Victim

Last week, dictator Meles Zenawi hectored his rubberstamp parliament in Ethiopia about the forced expulsion (or as some have described it “ethnic cleansing”) of Amharas from southern Ethiopia and zapped his critics for their irresponsibility in reporting and publicizing it. Zenawi denied any expulsion had taken place, but explained that some squatters (he described them as “sefaris from North Gojam”) had  to be removed from their homesteads in the south purely out of environmental conservation concerns for the area’s forestlands. In a broadside against organizations “that promote the view that our collective identity is Ethiopianity,” Zenawi harangued: Read the rest of this entry

People of Ethiopia have the rights to live in all parts of Ethiopia (OLF press release)

Oromoo: Alaabaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo English...

Oromoo: Alaabaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo English: Flag of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Italiano: Bandiera della Fronte de liberazzione Oromo (FLO) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April 12th, 2012

Posted by Articles, Ethiopian NewsThursday,                                                                                                                           Eviction of innocent peoples from their home is a crime against humanity

Oromo Liberation Front, Press Release

The Oromo Liberation front strongly believes that any members ofPeople of Ethiopia have the rights to live in all parts of Ethiopia nations, nationalities, and people of Ethiopia have the inalienable rights to live in all parts of Ethiopia without any fear of eviction or expulsion.

The Oromo Liberation front advocates that in Ethiopia, governed by true federal system all Ethiopian citizens have inviolable constitutional rights to live in any federal states in Ethiopia. The Oromo Liberation Front strongly condemns the current eviction of innocent children, women, and elders of Amhara ethnic members from Southern nations, nationalities and peoples’ region by TPLF agents. Read the rest of this entry

Dire need for Amhara-Oromo et al joined movement By Robele Ababya

April 9, 2012
It is created in a Holy Bible in Ecclesiastic 3: 1 that: “There is a time for all and a deteriorate for each activity underneath a heavens”

How prolonged ago was is it given us Ethiopians conspicuous ENOUGH! of TPLF regime’s mixed cruelties amounting to those of a cruel intruder Mussolini? When is a heated loathing for a Amharas, Read the rest of this entry

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