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What Should Ethiopians Expect in a Second Obama Term?

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Alemayehu G. Mariam|

It is proper to congratulate President Obama on his re-election to a second term. He put up a masterful campaign to earn the votes of the majority of American voters. Mitt Romney also deserves commendation for a hard fought campaign.. Read the rest of this entry

US heads for cliffhanger election

Analysts say the election will come down to a handful of swing states
US presidential rivals Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face a final sprint across swing states for undecided voters, on their last day of campaigning. Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopia Muslims wonder what life after PM Meles will be like

While there is still too much uncertainty surrounding the future of Ethiopia’s political scene, Muslims in the country have begun to think of a future post-Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Read the rest of this entry

Meles Zenawi, Corruption, Blood Money, and USAID

We ask you as Ethiopians and Americans please stop supporting tyranny in Ethiopia and corruption in America by Ethiopian

September 11th did not occur on September 11th 2001. Rather, the day of monumental mourning and the death of thousands of Americans was decades in the making. September 11th occurred the moment America decided to coddle a supposed “freedom fighter” by the name of Osama bin Laden and armed him to the teeth with weapons and knowledge. Read the rest of this entry

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Voight defends Brad Pitt’s mom after she gets death threats for penning anti-Obama letter to the editor


  • angelina jolie jane pitt parents 660 reuters.JPG

LOS ANGELES – You can always count on family.

FOX NEWS: Last week, Brad Pitt’s mother Jane Pitt hit headlines after penning a response letter-to-the-editor of her local newspaper, Missouri’s Springfield News Leader, in which she advocated support for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, referring to him as a “a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality.” Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopian romantic to Obama: Your honor, we will not opinion for you

A Seattle formed Ethiopian activist, Kirubel Bekele responds to President Barack Obama’s concession ask for his re-election campaign.

Barack Obama’s minute

Jun 30, 2012 during 7:20 AM, Barack Obama wrote:

Kirubeal –

Today is one of a many critical fundraising deadlines of this debate so far.

We competence not outraise Mitt Romney.

But we am dynamic to keep a domain tighten adequate that we can win this choosing a right way.

To do that we need your assistance today.

Please present $15 or some-more before tonight’s deadline:

The stakes in this choosing are real. Thanks for all your support so far.

Good week.


Kirubel’s response

Dear President Obama,

Your honor, we like to surprise we that we am not going to opinion for we this entrance choosing deteriorate let alone give we money. we have a really good reason. we have not asked most from you. we never approaching an mercantile spectacle possibly even yet we am one of those sectors of a race who have been strike tough by a mercantile meltdown. we am creatively from Ethiopia and we have been voting approved several times already. This time we am not voting. And that is good. And hopefully, we won’t opinion opposite you.

When we took office, we betrothed your support to a oppressed people of a universe who are underneath persecution . Now after 3 years in power, we are dining and dancing with cruel dictators like Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia. Adding insult to injury, we even invited Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia recently to a G8 Summit in Washington, DC.

Barack Obama

This cruel tyrant of Ethiopia is a conniving, racist, and monster torpedo who uses feign anti-terrorism laws as a victim to destroy democracy and leisure in Ethiopia. He only convicted dual people on anti-terrorism charges. One is a US-educated PEN endowment personality journalist, Eskinder Nega, and a other is, Andualem Arage, who is a personality of a antithesis celebration in Ethiopia. Read the rest of this entry

Obama Urged to Reassess Ethiopian Relations Over Land Evictions


 May 20, 2012

United States President Barack Obama signs int...

The U.S. should reassess its support
for the government of Ethiopia, amid concern that more than half
a million people are being evicted to make land available for
foreign investment in agriculture, advocacy groups including the
Oakland Institute said.

A meeting tomorrow between President Barack Obama and
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, among other African
leaders, presents an opportunity for the U.S. to address the
issue, the California-based group said in a joint statement with
the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, or SMNE. The U.S.
has provided aid worth more than $1 billion a year since 2007 to
Ethiopia, according to the statement.

Foreign investment in commercial farming may be the “single
largest man-made contributor to food insecurity on the continent
today,” they said. “We hope that you will take leadership in
responding to an international call asking you to put the brakes
on this impending and present-day catastrophe.” Read the rest of this entry

Mr. Obama, I voted for you in 2008, I’m not even sure if I’m voting this year

Published On: Fri, May 18th, 2012
 By Ephrem Madebo

Mr. Obama, I voted for you in 2008, I’m not even sure if I’m voting this year

In my social life, political or any, I don’t remember to have seen any movement that captivated the imagination of the entire segments of a society like the 2008 Obama presidential campaign did. Obama 2008 was one for the ages so much so that it brought an end to the Anglo-Saxon domination of the executive mansion of the US of America. Most importantly, Obama’s victory gave people of color the hope that; if they work hard, they can rise to the highest standard of honor. All in all, Obama 2008 was full of promises and full of hope. Yes, hope… hope to America, hope to Africa, and hope to the world. The United States is a country of immigrants, and through the years, especially, after 1974, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have immigrated to the United States and have become part of the changing faces of America. Today, Read the rest of this entry

Arrest Dictator Zenawi at Ronald Regan Building,

 14 St and Pennsylvania NW,
Washington DC, Friday, May 18, 2012at 7 am

Arrest Dictator Zenawi at Ronald Regan Building!The tyrant and dictator Meles Zenawi will be attending the 3rd International Food Security Symposium at the Washington DC Ronald Regan building on May 18, 2012 on the invitation of Prsident Obama.

This is a great opportunity for all Ethiopians residing in and around Washington DC to protest and make the world know the destruction and atrocities he and his regime committed on our country and our people.

Meles is an architect of Ethiopian destruction; destroyer of Ethiopian identity; master of divide and rule; trader of thousands of our Ethiopian sisters to Arab countries; a killer of innocent Ethiopians; merchant of our fertile land and promoter of land grab; master jailer of free thinking citizens; leader of mafia organization and supreme thief that looted Ethiopia of its precious and meager resources. Read the rest of this entry

Send Zenawi to Guantanamo not to camp David

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Posted by Ethiopian News

Press Release May 13, 2012

Condemn President Obama’s invite of Dictator Meles of Ethiopia

President Obama like previous U.S. presidents has decided to show a blind eye towards African dictators, who cow tow U.S. policy in the name of fighting terrorism. In reality many African dictators are terrorizing their own people. In particular, Dictator Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has been known to engage in extra-judicial killing, genocide, and keep journalists like Eskinder Nega and other political prisoners in his dudgeon. Read the rest of this entry

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