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“World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia.” By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

May 9, 2012
 Sometimes we see headlines that entertain we and make we consternation if some people are genuine delusional or blinded with their audacity and can’t see themselves in a approach that a rest of a universe see them. When we saw a title that pronounced “World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia” followed by a debate from Shimles Kemal, we could not stop being amused and consternation what goes to a mind of this male when he is fibbing on a universe stage. His treacherous statement, reminded me a homosexual clergyman who vehemently opposite a same sex matrimony stealing his loyal color. Read the rest of this entry

World Press Freedom Day: Attacks opposite reporters around a world

 May 2, 2012
Journalists operative in normal media outlets from Pakistan to Colombia, Mexico to Sudan and many nations opposite Eastern Europe and a Middle East faced harassment, attacks, astray seizure or even genocide usually for doing their job.

Americas Reporters perplexing to display abuses of power, tellurian rights violations and crime are visit targets of attacks and nuisance opposite Latin America and a Caribbean. Read the rest of this entry

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