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The Nirvana Fallacy of Meles Zenawi’s Separation of Democracy From Economic Development By Tecola W. Hagos,

may, 30,2012

“Man does not live by bread alone…” Matthew 4:4; [Deuteronomy 8:3]

I. Introduction

All over a world, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is compelling his indeterminate avowal that mercantile expansion is something that is apart from democracy and by prolongation from all forms of amicable interactions (political, ethical, and dignified constraints). As a matter of fact, that is not a novel thought for Meles, for a thought was also reflected in a initial doubt he asked over fifteen years ago during his initial assembly with Prof Samuel Huntington in Addis Ababa, Read the rest of this entry

Muslim activists are stating torture

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Muslim activists are stating woe and abuses by confidence army over flourishing antithesis to an purported supervision debate to train a village with Ahbashism campaign.

 being tortured by electric startle and inhumane acts by supervision confidence forces,” villager Ibrahim Nuseyra told pronounced a womanlike activist, Firdaws, died final week after being tortured by confidence army after attending a assembly called for by a Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (Majlis).The meeting, led by Federal Affairs Minister Dr Shiferaw Tekelemariam, was attended by usually 3 members, including Firdaws. Read the rest of this entry

Obama Urged to Reassess Ethiopian Relations Over Land Evictions


 May 20, 2012

United States President Barack Obama signs int...

The U.S. should reassess its support
for the government of Ethiopia, amid concern that more than half
a million people are being evicted to make land available for
foreign investment in agriculture, advocacy groups including the
Oakland Institute said.

A meeting tomorrow between President Barack Obama and
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, among other African
leaders, presents an opportunity for the U.S. to address the
issue, the California-based group said in a joint statement with
the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia, or SMNE. The U.S.
has provided aid worth more than $1 billion a year since 2007 to
Ethiopia, according to the statement.

Foreign investment in commercial farming may be the “single
largest man-made contributor to food insecurity on the continent
today,” they said. “We hope that you will take leadership in
responding to an international call asking you to put the brakes
on this impending and present-day catastrophe.” Read the rest of this entry

“World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia.” By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

May 9, 2012
 Sometimes we see headlines that entertain we and make we consternation if some people are genuine delusional or blinded with their audacity and can’t see themselves in a approach that a rest of a universe see them. When we saw a title that pronounced “World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia” followed by a debate from Shimles Kemal, we could not stop being amused and consternation what goes to a mind of this male when he is fibbing on a universe stage. His treacherous statement, reminded me a homosexual clergyman who vehemently opposite a same sex matrimony stealing his loyal color. Read the rest of this entry

Massive criticism to save Ethiopia By Robele Ababya

may 5/6 /2012
World of crime dominated by thugs

It is extravagantly transparent that we live in a dangerous and decaying multi-polar energy universe though a graphic tellurian leader. This many is famous though nothing has a resolution to a filth pervading a universe and a deep abyss of churned socio-economic problems into that this era has sunk as a outcome of omnivorous fervour and uncontrollable crime on that iniquitously unhandy leaders like Zenawi feed to prove their lust for power. Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopia expels 2 Arabs amid tensitions with Muslims – AP

may 5/6/2012
“Ethiopia’s supervision has diminished dual Arabs who flew in from a Middle East after a span went to a mosque and attempted to stimulate violence,”

Until a finish of a Dictators such as Mubarak and Kaddafi era, they attempted to impact Ethiopia with Ethnic violence. But Ethiopia never ever did quarrel opposite herself formed on Ethnicity differences meaningful in North Sudan(31 million people) currently there are some-more than 600 Ethnic groups; alone in Nuba Mountain some-more than 55 and Darfur some-more than 60.. Read the rest of this entry

EUFF rebels bake down Metema town’s TPLF-owned business units

 May 2, 2012

metema piazza

Press Release METEMA, Northwestern Ethiopia – A business district in this city on a extent with adjacent Sudan was burnt down on Apr 28, rebels conspicuous on Sunday.

Over 60 units in a business perform of a city called Jinghera were sent adult in fume as they were housing certainty agents of a government TPLF regime, rebels of a Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) told Ethiomedia on Sunday. Read the rest of this entry

New law offer relates a fist on Ethiopia’s Press

 May 2, 2012

Ethiopian primary dispense Meles Zenawi’s organization has been indicted of seeking to conceal a populous country’s individualist press with a new pointer that will have publishers take accountability for any argumentative ease out of their presses. FILE | AFRICA REVIEW |


The Ethiopian organization has activated a magnitude tying pointer that authorises printers to bury a ease of newspapers and other publications that play off their presses. Read the rest of this entry


 May 2, 2012
Burning Issues : HUMAN RIGHTS NGO WORKING GROUP FEATURES GAMBIA IN REPORT By Ousman Sillah on 02-05-12 (10 reads) News by a same author

During a Forum of a African Human Rights NGOs from a 14 to a 16 Apr 2012, that preceded a 51 Ordinary Session of a African Commission for Human Rights also hold in a Gambia, a participants focused on a conditions in eleven African countries, including a Gambia, in propinquity to a issues of Torture, Death Penalty and Prisons and Conditions of Detention in Africa. Read the rest of this entry

World Press Freedom Day: Attacks opposite reporters around a world

 May 2, 2012
Journalists operative in normal media outlets from Pakistan to Colombia, Mexico to Sudan and many nations opposite Eastern Europe and a Middle East faced harassment, attacks, astray seizure or even genocide usually for doing their job.

Americas Reporters perplexing to display abuses of power, tellurian rights violations and crime are visit targets of attacks and nuisance opposite Latin America and a Caribbean. Read the rest of this entry

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