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ሂዩማን ራይትስ ዋች ሳዑዲ ስላሉ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ሥጋቱን ገለፀ

የሳዑዲ አረቢያ መንግሥት የጀመረውን ፍልሰተኛ ሠራተኞችን በኃይል የማስወጣትን እርምጃ ተከትሎ እዚያ የቆዩ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ፍልሰተኛ ሠራተኞች የአካላዊ ጥቃት ተጋላጮች መሆናቸውንና አንዳንዶቹም መገደላቸውን… Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopia abstains Vote on ‘cooperation with the UN and Co. in the field of human rights’

Ethiopia has abstained from voting on the action on Resolution on Cooperation with the United Nations, its Representatives and Mechanisms in the Field of Human Rights.. Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopia Shows That Congress Is Right to Be Worried About UN Control of a Internet

June 21, 2012

The new telecommunications law in Ethiopia that restricts a use of Internet-based voice and video communications is stability to beget online discussion. The following essay is created by Steve DelBianco, Executive Director during NetChoice. Read the rest of this entry

Ogaden Demonstration Bringing Grievances Over EU-Ethiopia Aid …

June 20, 2012

Ogaden Demonstration Bringing Grievances Over EU-Ethiopia Aid to European Parliament


Place Luxemburg, Brussels

11.00 – 15.00, 21 Jun 2012

Brussels, 20 Jun 2012 – Ogaden communities of a European Union will accumulate during Place Luxemburg, nearby a European Parliament, Brussels, on a 21 Jun 2012 from 11.00 to 15.00 to call on a EU to reassess a smoothness and use of a assist to Ethiopia. The call is being done in an bid to put to an finish to a abuse of Human Rights in Ethiopia perpetrated by a supervision of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Read the rest of this entry

“World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia.” By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji

May 9, 2012
 Sometimes we see headlines that entertain we and make we consternation if some people are genuine delusional or blinded with their audacity and can’t see themselves in a approach that a rest of a universe see them. When we saw a title that pronounced “World Press Freedom Day was Celebrated in Ethiopia” followed by a debate from Shimles Kemal, we could not stop being amused and consternation what goes to a mind of this male when he is fibbing on a universe stage. His treacherous statement, reminded me a homosexual clergyman who vehemently opposite a same sex matrimony stealing his loyal color. Read the rest of this entry

Detentions display UN’s impotence in Ethiopia

Thursday, April 26, 2012
 Ethiopia‘s government, a favored and oft-praised Western partner, has held one United Nationsemployee in jail without charges for well over a year, while another is facing prosecution under a notorious anti-terrorism law.

The detentions are a stark indicator of the UN’s predicament in the illiberal Horn of Africa nation. Read the rest of this entry

UN fears torture of forcibly returned

How Norway will ensure that the Ethiopian government is not going to torture forcibly returning asylum seekers?

Published: April 22, 2012 (8:02)

Girum Zeleke er glad for at FN engasjerer seg i etiopernes sak.FOTO:Anders Minge

This is one of six specific questions that the UN makes a critical letter to Norway in connection with the forced return of asylum seekers. Norway has been given 60 days to answer this and several other issues that are associated with the safety of the 400 Ethiopians who now is in danger of being forcibly returned to Eritrea soon. Read the rest of this entry

Ethiopian UN Security Official On Trial for Terrorism

April 10, 2012
An Ethiopian national working for the United Nations in the restive Ogaden region is being tried on terrorism charges for allegedly having links with an outlawed rebel group. The defendant was arrested last year after helping to negotiate the release of two kidnapped U.N. aid workers.

U.N. security officer Abdirahman Sheikh Hassan appeared briefly in an Addis Ababa courtroom Monday. His case was continued until May 15 Read the rest of this entry

UN experts urge probe of Ethiopian maid suicide in Lebanon

April 7, 2012

UN human rights experts on Tuesday urged the Lebanese government to investigate the death of an Ethiopian housemaid, who commited suicide a few days after she was beaten by a man in Beirut. Read the rest of this entry

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